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St. Stephen's Lutheran Church Welcome

In other words, the Church is the people.  The community.  What will that community, one that is sent out into the world, be for us right now?  There is a longing for relevance, for authenticity, and for greater depth as we struggle fully awake with the paradoxes of life.  Here is an invitation to begin talking about an intentional sharing of spiritual life together. 

Many people yearn to explore how a diverse Christian community, one open to all people, can both encourage and challenge itself creatively in these days.  This is a time when we celebrate the church of today, and yet are also called to move forward, carrying the best of what we are with us and leaving behind what we don’t need.  We have such fast paced lives, it is hard to imagine spending hours lavishly “wasting time” on building relationships and collaborating on something that nourishes, heals, and matters. Yet at St. Stephen’s, you will find others who long to be a part of something worthy of hope, something that has life and Spirit.

God is already at work in our lives, blessing us and shaping us anew.  Be a part of something truly unique in El Dorado Hills.

St. Stephen's Lutheran Church welcomes all. All are welcome in El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas.

What is the Church?  What is St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church?  Churches always have detailed documents about such things, and we are no exception, but here are a few thoughts. 

Ronald Rolheiser, in his book “The Holy Longing: The Search for Christian Spirituality” writes,
“Long before there should be any mention of buildings, ministers, priests, bishops, popes, organizations, institutions, or moral codes, there should be mention of hearts and souls, previously separated by many things, coming together.  Jesus formed a community around himself, animated it, and then left his word, his spirit, and the Eucharist.  That is the church and it is a particular kind of community, an apostolic one(that is, one sent out into the world).”   Rolheiser, 114.  Italics mine.