St. Stephen's

Facility Use & Rental
Our facility and park are available for rental to the public.   Click Here to see our Facility Use Fees.   Alcohol is only allowed with approval from our Council.  Please visit our Calendar tab above to check for available dates.

It is a special occasion when we celebrate the joining of two lives.  St. Stephen’s offers its intimate worship space, seating approximately 120 people, as well as garden areas.  The Parish Hall is available for receptions—all coordinated by our Administrator at 916-933-1441.
Weddings at St. Stephen’s generally involve persons who have some connection with the congregation—members, or family members, or those who are regularly worship with us.  Your participation is encouraged and welcome, and you might start by visiting with us and spending time with the pastor.  However, if you have your own presider, we can accommodate your requests on a case by case basis.  Same sex weddings have been available in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for some years.  
Begin the preparations for weddings by contacting the pastor (916-933-1441).  In addition to some connection with the parish, other basics are:

  • Normally, both partners are baptized, since this rite links Christians
  • Persons preparing for marriage will meet several times with the pastor to talk in depth about their commitment to each other  and the unique things that each of them bring to this relationship.
  • The engaged couple should consider why they are to be married in a church.  What role does God play in the marriage?  What role will a church community play in the marriage?  

Lutherans enter God’s baptismal covenant most often as infants.  Yet, our development as Christians is life-long.  In 2015, St. Stephen’s introduced Inter-generational Confirmation classes.  Participants tend to be in grade 6-adult.  We consider the great stories of the Bible—the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament.  Luther’s Small Catechism helps us to focus on the chief parts of the Christian faith:  The Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments, Creed, and Ten Commandments.  Our informal discussions help us apply what we learn to our daily lives.   The Rite of Confirmation generally takes place in the Spring.  It  is the culmination of this course of study, but does not end our lifelong learning in the faith.   Please speak with Pastor Trudy or call the office for a current schedule.

Baptism is the sacrament of belonging.  We baptize because it is

Christ’s command, and because it is the way that we participate in

the death and resurrection of Christ for us.  Baptism is not just a

symbol of our commitment of our lives.  The Bible describes it as

a “washing” and a “new birth.”  We actually become members of

God’s community in Christ.  This is part of the reason that Lutherans

baptize infants as well as adults.

As with other life passages, we emphasize that this sacrament is for families and individuals who intend to be active in the faith.   We invite you to explore an active and living faith among us, and then to contact the pastor about baptism.  Baptism is an occasion for great celebration.  

The loss of a loved one is one of life’s significant passages.  It is also a time for family and friends to gather to celebrate the Christian perspective that death is not the end of life.  Our celebrations are memorials of unique lives lived among us, and they also focus on the good news of God for us at this kind of time.
As with weddings, in most circumstances the person being remembered, or family, will have some connection with the congregation.  The time to start thinking about the end of life is not only when someone has died, but right now.   The uniquely Christian message is that death is never the end of the story.  The resurrection of Jesus is the hope and promise for us all.
The pastor is available to discuss your needs, your faith life, and the celebration of your loved one’s life.  

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